A La Carte Weddings

Looking for our lovely Blossom and Bone floral arrangements without the strings of budget minimums or contracts? Our A La Carte package might be the route for you.

PLEASE NOTE: For this package, we offer personal floral items, centerpiece and accent florals, as well as greenery garlands, bud vases, and large statement pieces. We do not offer installation (i.e. floral arbors, clouds, meadows, etc.) options for this package.

The items you purchase must be picked up the day before or day of your wedding from our shop at 331 W. Main Street in Durham. There is no delivery option available for A la Carte Weddings.

If you’d like to purchase A La Carte flowers, click here to fill out an inquiry form. For more in-depth information regarding this package, please read our FAQ here.

Please know that we do not work with queer-phobic or racist businesses and will vet other vendors before agreeing to work on a wedding with them. Additionally, we are morally opposed to participating in any wedding that romanticizes the history of slavery and or/plantations. If you are considering a venue as such, we ask that you reassess your choice of location to a more welcoming and inclusive environment to begin your lives together, whether you choose us as your florist or otherwise.