About Us

Welcome to Our Wonderland

Located in the historic Snow Building in Downtown Durham, Blossom and Bone is a full service florist and gift shop that focuses on highlighting the abundance of North Carolina: our flowers are grown in North Carolina, and our gifts are made here too.

Our shop offers pre-made arrangements, custom bouquets, flowers by the stem, and a highly-curated selection of North Carolina-made goods, ranging from home goods and skincare to accessories and fine jewelry.

How We Started

Blossom and Bone Floral is the brainchild of Heather and Pedro Sardela. We have long dreamed of opening up our own flower business. We were lucky enough to get started in late 2019, by running BYOB (Build your own bouquet) pop-ups out of our flower truck, Buil, with the help and partnerships of other wonderful small businesses in the Durham area.

When COVID hit, we transitioned to offering pickup and delivery services locally, and we've never looked back. With the incredible support of our lovely community, we were able to open up a brick and mortar studio and storefront in Downtown Durham in April of 2021.

Meet Our Team

Heather Sardela - Co-Owner, Lead Designer, Delivery Gal Heather is the creative force behind all things Blossom & Bone. Our very own Gemini queen pours her heart, soul and creative juices into sourcing a rotating collection of goods, and creating eye-popping, stunning arrangements for you and your loved ones. Heather combines her experience in English-garden style floral design with her own maximalist approach of showcasing blooms and textures. Warm and welcoming, she's always game to answer any questions, best any floral challenges you throw her way and chat about the latest in pop culture. When she's not a busy bee in the shop, Heather loves a good bottle of Prosecco, tuning in to a vast collection of podcasts, and singing songs to her dog, Sunny.

Pedro Sardela - Co-Owner & Customer Care When you meet Pedro, he will joke that he only handles the custodial duties here at Blossom and Bone, but in actuality, he is the spine of this business and the heart of the company. Always cool under pressure and willing to lend a hand, he'll make you feel welcome immediately (and will probably tell you a dad joke or two). When he's not making our lives better at the shop, he enjoys cooking, caring for his plants, and going on walks with his dog, Sunny. 

Natalie Huntley - Store Manager & Designer Hobby entomologist and plant identification expert, Nat is our resident encyclopedia. Her background in horticulture and fashion merchandising make her a texture master, and as a legacy florist, her designs evoke that just-picked-from-the-garden feeling we all love so much. Natalie is also a sustainability freak/aficionado and an expert in foam-free event design; she continually helps us make sure we are doing the most we can to help combat climate change. When she's not flowering, Natalie enjoys spending time with her cats (Barry & Thorn), listening to podcasts, or exploring the great outdoors.

Alaire Hughey - Designer & Delivery Dad Between floral design, flower farm work, and fun, Alaire continually shows us how to make the most of the 24 hours in a day. If you are lucky enough to meet them, prepare to find yourself charmed with warmth, wit, and laughter. If you also find yourself in the lucky position to have a bouquet made by them, you will find yourself dazzled by a curation of textures and a few hidden moody elements snuck in—a signature within their own style. 


Sunny Sardela - Shop Dog Extraordinaire This 7 year old wiggle worm is the sweetest, happiest, most delightful pup in the universe who will be your immediate best friend if you're lucky enough to get to meet him. He doesn't grace us with his presence daily, but when he does, it is a delight for all and a guaranteed serotonin boost. He likes butt rubs, belly touches, and balls of all shapes and sizes. Long Live Shop Dog!