The A La Carte Wedding option with Blossom and Bone is a fun one, but it is not for everyone! Please read through the below thoroughly to make sure we are a good fit for your big day. By and large, this offering is for the couple who trusts and loves us 100% for a few different reasons: 

  • There is little communication with this service; if we are a good fit, you place your order online based on your needs and budget after you fill out your inquiry form; then we contact you about a week before your Big Day and schedule a time for pickup. That is pretty much it! You can send us more details and info, but we do not promise a response, although we do promise to take whatever you send us into consideration while designing your florals. If you absolutely *need* to talk to us, you must schedule an appointment.
  • A La Carte orders are PICKUP only, we do not deliver them, there are no exceptions. 
  • We do not offer installation (i.e. floral arbors, clouds, meadows, etc.) options for this package. We do offer great alternatives though!
  • All orders through this service are 100% designers choice within the color scheme and adjectives you selected, designed in our signature style and based on seasonality and availability. 
  • Special Requests and Notes are considered, but we may or may not use the exact flowers you list in your notes. We use exclusively local flowers from March - November; outside of this timeframe, we work with our wholesalers to ensure we are getting the best of the best shipped in.

All A La Carte orders come with a vase/vessel for the vased arrangement options (bud vases, centerpieces, personal bouquets etc.).

When should I place my A La Carte order? 

We will not accept orders more than a year out from the current date. We book a limited number of weddings each year; to ensure we have availability for your nuptials, we recommend a “the sooner, the better” attitude when it comes to purchasing your wedding flowers (6-8 months out is usually ideal for most couples). All shop wedding orders must be placed at least 4 weeks in advance, unless otherwise approved. 

You have 30 days after we send this information to place your order, or we can no longer promise we will have availability on your date. We are extremely strict about this. You can always follow up with us at a later time to see if we can accommodate your order, but we will no longer hold the date for you after 30 days. 

Can you accommodate any design style? 

We have a signature style that is maximalist and garden inspired. We encourage you to share inspiration photos for us to reference in color and to get a better feel for what you like! However, we will not replicate designs based upon those photos and the final product will ultimately be designer's choice and will reflect our signature style. 

What are your prices? 

If we are a good fit, we will send you access to a password protected webpage where you can find our prices and items available. These prices are not static; we reserve the right to change our prices as and when we see fit. 

Do you sell flowers by the bucket? 

No, we do not.

What vehicle should I use to pick up my flowers?

Minivans and SUVS usually work best, with sedans being a great second option. Trucks--unless it is a small order and the flowers can be safely placed in the cab--are never a good idea.

Can't I just buy an arrangement from your website as my bridal bouquet? 

NO! This is absolutely not permitted for several reasons -- if you would like those reasons explained, please reach out to us directly and we are happy to walk you through it. If you place the order anyway and try to pawn it off as a daily delivery, you will be disappointed in the outcome and so will we. If you place the order as a delivery anyway and we find out later, we will cancel your order, no questions asked.

Do you use floral foam? 

We do not! We are a 100% foam-free studio. We also strive to use as many local flowers as possible and as little single-use plastic as possible for our designs. 

Can I have my order delivered? 

At this time, there is no option for delivery for the A La Carte wedding. All orders will need to be picked up from 331 W. Main Street in Downtown Durham the day of, or the evening before.

Is there a purchase minimum? 

For the A La Carte package, there is no minimum. However, there is also no contract provided and all A La Carte purchases are nonrefundable. 

What happens if I need to reschedule my wedding? 

We get it—pandemics happen! We’re happy to work with you to reschedule, as long as we know at least three weeks prior to your wedding date, and your rescheduled date isn’t more than a year from your original date. Prices may be subject to change. You cannot get a refund instead of a reschedule. 

When should I pick my order up? 

We will call you a week before your big day to set up the pick up time. Your flowers will be packaged and ready for safe transport upon your arrival to our studio. We recommend sending someone you trust for transport (minivans and SUVS are usually best for retrieval, never send a truck).