Our Work & Weddings:

We pride ourselves on our ability to tell artistic stories through bespoke floral design, for occasions both big and small. We enjoy marrying the bounty of North Carolina with our artistic identities to help tell a custom floral love story that is all your own. We design exquisite wedding florals, thoughtfully curated to complement your dream vision and help set the perfect mood.

As we work so closely with local and seasonal flowers, we tend to shy away from weddings with strong “must-have”; we also do not recreate other florist’s work (although we’re more than happy to use it as inspiration). Instead, we hope that you’ll trust us to hear your vision and execute it with the best florists and best product around.

We are happy for you to know that we prioritize sustainability in all of our designs, and promise to never use floral foam in any of our work.

Wedding Packages Offered

At this time, we are only accepting orders for our A La Carte Package. Please click here to read our A La Carte FAQ, and here to fill out an inquiry form.

Weddings for a Cause

5% of the proceeds from your wedding florals will be donated to a cause we believe will better the world we live in. You will have the option of selecting one of these organizations when you fill out your inquiry form (if you do not choose, one will be chosen for you). We send our donations yearly.

In 2021, we were able to donate almost $2k in donations or direct aid thanks to our incredible community.