At the heart of Blossom and Bone lies a profound dedication to sustainability, not as a trend but as a testament to our deep-seated values and professional ethos. It's a philosophy rooted in our founder Heather's journey, which began with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability from the University of North Carolina. This educational foundation laid the groundwork for a business that not only seeks to create beautiful floral arrangements, but also to nurture the environment and our community in the process.

Our shift towards locality was significantly influenced by the logistical challenges encountered during 2020’s global supply chain disruptions. This led us to the superior quality and reliability of locally-sourced flowers. Through Piedmont Wholesale Flowers—cooperative of about 15 local farms within a 30-mile radius—we access a vibrant variety of quality blooms during our growing season from March to November, supporting our community's economy and reducing our carbon footprint.

In the past, when our flower shop doors were open, we stood firm in our commitment to sustainability, ensuring our employees received a living wage and unlimited time off. Although we no longer operate a physical shop, the spirit of those practices informs every aspect of our work today.



We have eliminated the use of floral foam, opting instead for sustainable materials like chicken wire and pin frogs in our designs. Our wedding vessels are handcrafted by local artisans, and our ribbons are naturally dyed by small businesses, ensuring every element of our arrangements reflects our eco-conscious philosophy.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. In 2023, we were honored as a Mayesh Design Star, a prestigious accolade in the sustainability and floral field. Additionally, we've been recognized as Durham Magazine's "Best Of" Florist for three consecutive years. We share our knowledge and passion through workshops, inspiring a new generation of florists to adopt sustainable practices.

Looking ahead, we aim to further minimize our environmental footprint by transitioning to a business model that completely avoids imported flowers altogether. It's a bold step, but one we're committed to making for the betterment of our planet and community.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of sustainability. With Blossom and Bone, every floral arrangement tells a story of dedication, care, and hope for a greener future.