At Blossom and Bone, we’re more than florists; we’re pioneers in sustainable wedding floral design. Our mission is to intertwine your unique love story with our commitment to eco-conscious practices, creating bespoke arrangements that celebrate your special day. Rooted in the heart of North Carolina, we use locally-sourced blooms to ensure your flowers are as fresh and sustainable as possible.

Our commitment to sustainability shapes everything we do at Blossom and Bone, including our choice to use sustainable mechanics (we never use floral foam) and to source our flowers directly from local North Carolina farms from March to November. In line with our dedication to eco-conscious practices, we now exclusively book weddings within this local growing season. This decision ensures that every arrangement reflects the natural beauty and seasonal availability of our region's flora. We're here to help you embrace the unique charm of local flowers, while helping bring your floral dreams to life—sustainably.


Your wedding flowers are more than decorations—they're the heart of your celebration's aesthetic, a vision we bring to life together.

Our journey together starts with an in-depth exploration of your style and preferences through an initial inquiry form, paving the way for a tailored one-on-one consultation. This collaborative process ensures that your floral designs are a true reflection of your vision, with a seamless blend of elegance and personal touch.

Leveraging our expertise in sustainable practices and a passion for locally-sourced beauty, we guide you in selecting the perfect seasonal blooms, color schemes, and unique floral installations. Outside of promising to never use floral foam, we also provide naturally dyed silk ribbon for your personals, and the vessels for your centerpieces will be handmade by a local ceramicist. Our goal is to craft an environmentally responsible and visually stunning floral experience that resonates with your individuality and the essence of your love story. Trust us to transform your floral fantasies into reality, celebrating the best of what North Carolina's seasons and artisans have to offer.


Does our style meet your vision?

Our designs are inspired by the lushness of gardens, embracing a maximalist approach with natural shapes and an abundance of garden blooms and botanicals. We prioritize using local and seasonal flowers and sustainable mechanics, which means we are best suited for weddings that embrace our garden-inspired, eco-friendly aesthetic fully.

Does your floral budget meet our minimum?

For Full Service floral designs, our minimum investment is $5,000. Should this exceed your budget, we recommend exploring our A La Carte options, which may better suit your needs.

Do I need to have a wedding planner?

For all full-service weddings, having a wedding planner is a requirement. This ensures a seamless and coordinated experience from start to finish.

How far in advance should you inquire to save the date for your wedding?

We encourage you to reach out as early as possible, as we accept a limited number of weddings each year. To ensure we can collaborate, it's best not to wait. Please note, we are currently not booking weddings more than a year in advance.

If you’d like to talk to us more about booking us for your full-service floral needs, please fill out this form.


Blossom and Bone's A La Carte service simplifies bringing your wedding flower vision to life, offering our signature designs with no budget minimums or complex contracts. Starting with an exploratory inquiry form, we delve into your style and preferences,  ensuring your floral choices truly mirror your personal vision, combining elegance with your own distinctive flair.

Focused on sustainability and local blooms, we'll choose the perfect seasonal flowers based on the information you provide in your inquiry to bring your vision to life. While our A La Carte service does not include delivery or the elaborate installations reserved for Full Service weddings (such as arbors, floral clouds, and meadows), it offers a unique opportunity to experience Blossom and Bone’s signature designs. This package is ideal if you’re seeking our expertise without the commitment to budget minimums or extensive contracts. Before you inquire, we invite you to review our FAQ to ensure our offerings align with your needs.

If you’d like to work with us for an A La Carte order, click here to fill out an inquiry form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

We actively choose not to collaborate with businesses that display queer-phobic or racist behaviors and will thoroughly review other vendors before committing to any wedding project. Furthermore, we stand firmly against supporting weddings that glorify the history of slavery or take place at plantation venues. We urge you to select a venue that embodies inclusivity and openness, creating a positive foundation to start your journey together, regardless of whether you select us as a vendor.